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Organic Ethanol Alcohol and Organic Concentrated Rum

Organic 96% Ethyl Alcohol - Food/Beverage Grade

Our organic 96% Ethanol Alcohol is distilled from our organic sugar cane molasses.  Our organic alcohol is food and beverage grade and has a wide variety of applications.   Organic ethyl alcohol is used by our customers for the production of fine organic spirits, organic vinegars, organic extracts, organic cosmetics and fragrances and much more.


 Download Ethyl Alcohol Spec Sheet          Download MSDS Sheet

** Our organic alcohol is packaged in plastic-lined 200 liter HDPE drums. 14,000 or 24,000 ISO containers can also be coordinated upon customer request. .

Organic Over-Proofed Rums 

We produce a white and gold variety of organic aged over-proofed rums. Our organic base rums have been aged in White Canadian Oak barrels at various stages between 6 month and 3 years.

If you are located in The Americas, please contact us for a direct quote.

However, if you are located in Europe, Asia or Africa, please contact our supply partner, E&A Scheer or contact us and we be pleased to help put you in touch with them

 Download Base Rum Spec Sheet


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